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One (Limited Edition Vinyl)

by Night Gestalt


No drums. No bass. No chords. The arpeggio is everything in one: melody, rhythm, harmony - ringing out like a bell in space forever. It's the start, and it's the end. It needs to be free.

One is the first album by Night Gestalt. Sometime in the near future, the last 7000 men and women of earth leave our destroyed planet to find a new home. But something goes wrong. A few weeks into the journey we lose control of the spaceship and it keeps going straight into nowhere. Forever. Religious sects appear on the ship trying to save as many souls as they can. Others don't want to be saved. They listen to the flesh. Finally the main computer calls everybody and we gather and kneel in her hall. First comes the brightest light we've ever seen - and we get our hope back. Then suddenly she starts to scream inside us all. After that: silence. Even the ship decides that there is no hope left.

The name of the spaceship is One. This is the story of One.


released March 10, 2019



Night Gestalt Stockholm, Sweden

The arpeggio is everything: melody, rhythm, harmony - ringing out like a bell in space forever.

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